If we live in a society ~ and a world ~ everyone is a part of it. As someone responsible for making laws you should consider how changing one part will affect another ~ John McCain only thought about how the changes he made or supported would affect the corporations and those on Wall Street – putting into law ways that they can make more profits over benefits to the average person in wider society.

Imagine giving a corporation a tax break for shipping jobs overseas ~ this in essence penalizes those who would keep jobs in the US. Job losses coupled with the rogue mortgage selling, meant more money for Wall Street ~ but if you don’t have job and can’t pay your mortgage ~ and if 1 million people don’t have a job ~ then the debt on these mortgages ~ which is sold on to institutional buyers of debt ~ doesn’t get paid and neither does the insurance covering that debt. No wonder AIG had a cash short fall.

John McCain’s ideas on deregulation amounted to tinkering ~ and pottering around for corporate benefit. While he was trying to protect/increase corporate profits ~ he and his party’s efforts have left everyone out of pocket and in a position to cover this corporate debt.