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  • War will be declared on Russia – so Palin can shoot something!
  • Backward looking economic policy – because McCain knows best – and no one should question that.
  • Health care – so long as Leader McCain has healthcare – we should all be happy – there is always good healthcare provided at emergency rooms dotted around the nation.
  • Affordable college tuition – stop speaking in tongues – no one can understand you!
  • Tax cuts for the rich – as tax cuts for the person on an average wage – is a waste of tax payers money. We should be happy McCain gets a tax cut with he and his wife’s $6,000,000 a year income.
  • Foreign relations – we’ll develop an inner circle of nations – rogue nations like Spain won’t be included – and create policies and new doctrines to suit our own interests.
  • Questioning Leader McCain or any war – which he deems worthy enough to undertake – will be considered un-America and un-patriotic.
  • Palin is still clueless – but now wears a lot more makeup – when she couldn’t get as much oil out of ANWR – she implemented a radical plan called ‘Drill Baby Drill’ where an oil or gas well was sunk on every street corner. If there was oil she was going to find it!
  • Oh and the ban was eventually lifted on polar bear hunting.
  • McCain built the 45 newly proposed nuclear power stations in the State of Arizona – he said they make him feel powerful – and the fact that no other State wanted them.
  • On global warming – McCain quietly smiled and then went to sleep – and once Palin took over she said something about – the environment needs to be protected from ‘Witchcraft’ – so she brought in this preach guy to speak on the subject – who said the air needed to be cleared of various impure spirits.
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