John McCain’s town/halls and rallies are growing angrier. In fact both Palin and McCain are getting their crowds all rowd-up on information that is thin on the facts – that their next problem will be what do you do with all this pent-up – aggression – and where will it go?

It’s irresponsible of John McCain to say the least – although Sarah Palin is playing a large part – John McCain has the experience – he knows better – and besides Sarah Palin wouldn’t be able to utter a single word without McCain’s camp’s permission.

What they are doing is more than passing on information – this is a classic smear tactic – without making a definite statement – you simply point to the conclusion you wish people to draw – in this case Bill Ayers > Obama – therefore Obama >> terrorist.

Never mind the fact that the people at these McCain rallies are becoming angrier – and seemingly more aggressive – calling for the death of Obama and saying he’s a terrorist – with jeers and applause from the crowd – and without caution from McCain or Palin. Palin/McCain are enjoying the notoriety right now – but I fear that the backlash will reflect badly on them – and more the fallout felt by others in the Republican Party.