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One in five households watch Obama infomercial

Nielsen has released the ratings for the Obama infomercial in 56 local markets.

Overall, for the six networks that aired the program simultaneously, the spot had a household rating of 21.7% (meaning that 21.7 percent of all households watching television were tuned to the spot.)

In comparison, the final debate between the two presidential candidates received a 38.3 household rating in the top 56 local TV markets. The candidates’ first debate on September 26 received a 34.7 household rating in the top 55 markets; their second debate, on October 7, received a 42.0 household rating in those markets.

The last presidential candidate to air a paid simulcast was Ross Perot in 1996, which received a national household rating of 16.8.


As Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., prepares for an Indiana rally this morning, one of the state’s favorite sons hits the radio airwaves.

(Cue guitar strumming)

JOHN MELLENCAMP: “Hi. This is John Mellencamp; And I’ve seen a lot of small towns, but now I’m seein’ small towns across America dying.

“Folks losing their jobs and their homes. Eight years of George Bush” — pronounced BOOSH — “have really hurt. And – John McCain is just more of the same. Over the last eight years, thousands of Hoosier workers have seen their jobs sent out of this country.

“John McCain will keep givin’ tax breaks to companies shippin’ American jobs overseas.

“Barack Obama gets it, he sees the value in American made products and a strong American labor force; He’ll end tax breaks for companies shipping our jobs overseas and give a hard working family a break.

“This is John Mellencamp, and I’m proud to support Barack Obama, because whether you live in a small town or a big city, it’s time for a change.”

Listen to it HERE.

Source: ABCNewsBlog

‘I Ain’t Bush,’ says McCain

‘Oh Yes Yer Are’ says Obama (and McCain?)

Obama’s political career was started in the reception of a Ramada Inn !!

The fact that John McCain plans to the tax the insurance payment contributions that you get from your employers – fits right in with what one of his advisers on healthcare said – when he commented that if they had their way government would cease and desist from saying that anyone is not insured – but rather note where that person got their healthcare from – if a person receives their healthcare from a doctor – than this would be seen as one provider – whereas if a person got their healthcare from the emergency room (ER) – then this could also be seen as a healthcare provider – but the one of last resort. It would simply be noted.

Obama plans to work with employers to help lower insurance costs – not put a tax on it.

Under Obama’s plan it appears there is going to be some sort of insurance shake up – in order to get people insured at a reasonable rate – with a policy that looks similar to what John McCain and members of Congress already enjoy.

Here’s Obama’s new ad off the debate, touching, as we wrote last night, on the push the campaign had already begun on McCain’s healthcare plan.

This one’s airing on national cable. Obama has another ad — which I haven’t seen on line — also directly attacking McCain’s plan.

As Jonathan and I wrote:

    Obama’s aides said the campaign would key in not on something Palin said, but rather on what she didn’t: Her failure to offer a detailed defense of McCain’s plan to finance a $5,000 healthcare tax credit by
    treating employers’ healthcare payments as taxable – something Democrats relish hitting both as a “radical” healthcare scheme and a tax hike.

    The campaign had already decided to attack McCain’s healthcare plan, and the debate exchange will help drive that focus, they said.

    “We’re on a big offensive on John McCain’s healthcare plan,” said Obama campaign manager David Plouffe. “I think Sen. Biden did a terrific job today of describing why middle class families should fear
    John McCain’s health care plan. She didn’t answer the attack.”

    Palin’s silence – she attacked Obama’s plan as “government run,” but didn’t return to McCain’s – was “a huge missed opportunity,” Plouffe said, “because I will assure you this: Every voter in every
    battleground state is going to know that John McCain is taxing healthcare for the very first time. Twenty-one million people lose their healthcare because small businesses will drop it.”

    Obama has already begun airing one ad that casts his plan as a commonsense alternative to McCain’s “extreme,” and aides said he would begin to push the issue much more intensely across battleground states.

    In Missouri, for example, it will be part of a broad push to raise voters’ doubts about McCain’s healthcare plan, Obama’s Missouri State Director Buffy Wicks said. Along with the ad, expected to begin airing here soon, the campaign has planned four pieces of direct mail attacking McCain’s plan.

Source: Politico

  • War will be declared on Russia – so Palin can shoot something!
  • Backward looking economic policy – because McCain knows best – and no one should question that.
  • Health care – so long as Leader McCain has healthcare – we should all be happy – there is always good healthcare provided at emergency rooms dotted around the nation.
  • Affordable college tuition – stop speaking in tongues – no one can understand you!
  • Tax cuts for the rich – as tax cuts for the person on an average wage – is a waste of tax payers money. We should be happy McCain gets a tax cut with he and his wife’s $6,000,000 a year income.
  • Foreign relations – we’ll develop an inner circle of nations – rogue nations like Spain won’t be included – and create policies and new doctrines to suit our own interests.
  • Questioning Leader McCain or any war – which he deems worthy enough to undertake – will be considered un-America and un-patriotic.
  • Palin is still clueless – but now wears a lot more makeup – when she couldn’t get as much oil out of ANWR – she implemented a radical plan called ‘Drill Baby Drill’ where an oil or gas well was sunk on every street corner. If there was oil she was going to find it!
  • Oh and the ban was eventually lifted on polar bear hunting.
  • McCain built the 45 newly proposed nuclear power stations in the State of Arizona – he said they make him feel powerful – and the fact that no other State wanted them.
  • On global warming – McCain quietly smiled and then went to sleep – and once Palin took over she said something about – the environment needs to be protected from ‘Witchcraft’ – so she brought in this preach guy to speak on the subject – who said the air needed to be cleared of various impure spirits.
  • Obama Release “A Stronger Economy” Ad ~ As McCain Withdraws Ads

    We can be sure that McCain’s deregulation efforts on an economy he had no understanding of – has brought the country to its knees ~

    McCain has now chosen to suspend his campaign ~ so we thought ~ because so far since suspending his campaign he has had time to do at least one press interview ~ as well as to make a speaking appearance (which was at least in part political) at the Clinton Global Initiative ~ although this was for a good cause. While Palin very publicly tours ground zero – attracting media attention!

    McCain wants to have it both ways ~

    Whereas Obama has stated that he is prepared to be where he is needed.

    We need to shown a new direction ~ aim of putting the Republican theories of the trickle down – help the rich – first economy to bed for good.

    Eight years is enough !!

    March 2023
    M T W T F S S