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Whether a ballot is suspicious or legit – the law says – it must be forwarded. The suspicious forms a flagged by Acorn – and placed in a separate pile.

And further a point which may not have been raised in this clip – the Obama campaign did not pay Acorn $800,000 – the funds were paid to another group which then subcontracted some of the work to Acorn.

Out of one million plus new voter registrations – the problematic forms amounted to less than 0.01%

A more detailed explanation can be seen on CSPAN.


What was not cleared up in this video – was that the Obama campaign paid a group called Citizen Services the $800,000 to register people to vote – who then subcontracted Acorn in a few States for around $80,000. You can see this here* when Bertha Lewis talks again about Acorn on CSPAN.

The trouble is that they have to submit every form regardless of whether or not they feel that the form was not filled out honestly. Their policy is to telephone or contact the voter at least 3 times to verify the registration.

When workers are paid to go out and get people registered – some people will sit home – or sit somewhere – and simply fraudulently fill out the forms. Acorn has taken action against people who have done just that – and if you’re working to get over 1M people registered – showing that there is a problem with 0.01% of these forms is not a bad feat – and many of these Acorn has flagged as fraudulent or suspicious themselves.

*CSPAN: Bertha Lewis, ACORN, interviewed by Alexander Burns, The Politico, & Chris Good, The Hill

February 2023