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There has been a lot of talk about Ashley Todd actions in lying to authorities and everyone else in the ‘B’ Hoax, but what we are not hearing as much about is her motives – what drove Ashley Todd. We find that Ashley was a telephone operator for the McCain/Palin campaign. When people think of telephones at the McCain camp lately – they think about robocalls – and the damaging hateful, and more to do with this case – deceptive calls.

Unfairly attacking Obama has been a normal part of the McCain campaign, blatantly misrepresenting the facts has been the norm in the McCain campaign, from the light – by saying Obama’s going to raise your tax – to the more extreme – saying Obama pals around with terrorists. Could this young woman have felt that she could possible take – this effort one step further – and concocted this whole mess in order to assist the McCain campaign which was clearly falling behind in the presidential race. And for a while it did help the McCain campaign – when they desperately leaped all over it without thoroughly checking.

Pro-McCain Supporters Inspirational pic.

Pro-McCain Supporters Inspirational pic.

Another area which could be looked at is some of the sites Todd might have visited. Take a look at the one below – the Sarah’s Army Blogspot – reading through this entry is depressing – but it is very much like the landscape at present on other pro-McCain/Palin sites. There are almost no real arguments on things like health care and taxes, just attack after attack on Obama – often veering off onto the irrational or insane.

Perhaps it is a sad indictment of the manner in which the McCain campaign has been conducted that a young woman could think that by saying that a black man had robbed, mutilated and then sexually assaulted her could be of assistance – in any way at all – to Mr. McCain’s run for the White House.


March 2023