Tax cuts for the middle class to McCain is socialism?

I suppose when $4-$6 million rolls in every year from your wife’s income and other investments – giving the guy making $30 – $50K a little something extra – would seem socialist and communist or even pure and utter Marxism!!

When your wife could spend an average person’s yearly salary on a single outfit (Cindy spent $300,000 on her clothes for 1st of RNC), Mr. McCain would want to save every red cent – he can!

Mr. Miserly McCain is begrudging the fact that he has to pay a measly 3% extra on earnings over $250,000 (the same tax rate as in Clinton times) – so the average American ~ 95% of them can have a small tax cut ~ ouch!!

This message was approved by ~ Miserly McCain

    It’s a government hand out I tell you – a give-a-way. Tax cuts for the middle class and poor amount to welfare – that’s giving a man a fish – I know how to teach him to fish.

    I want the American people to know – giving those working poor and impoverish a tax break is nothing short of socialism!!!

    Cindy – stroking his fiery little bald patch on his head – we’ll go right out and buy you a pair of those $520 Italian leather Ferragamo loafers you like – cause – you’re a fighter!

    Cindy, I just don’t think you have to pay so much tax on your money that’s all. And it makes me so – mad – when we have to pay that extra money in taxes.

    I know dear.

    McCain’s fingers tighten around the few coins in his pocket.