Admittedly I fell asleep during John McCain’s speech – of all the major convention speeches on both sides – his was the speech I had the most trouble focusing on!

Did he write that speech himself!! I swear at some points – parts of his speech were not coherent. And I thought that the audience even looked confused at times. To me it raises serious questions about his age – and his long term ability to command? Are we really electing Sarah Palin for President and not John McCain?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Senator Ambien! A big heaping number of Americans watched John McCain’s acceptance speech last night, hoping to get just one last glimpse of Sarah Palin’s stems before she’s extradited to face charges in her home country of Alaska (which happens to be very close to Russia. Hmmm…) While a lot of people tuned in, the real question is how long they stayed awake during the 40+ minute change-a-thon before Uncle John sent them off to dream about reform.

We consulted with a sleep therapist (okay, he’s our intern), and it turns out you can tell a lot about a person’s character based on when John McCain’s acceptance speech put them to sleep. Check our annotated speech transcript below and you might just learn a little something about yourself…

Source: 23/6